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♥♥♥ Celebratory post of 10 years since Mean Girls was released ♥♥♥

If there’s any film that’s the voice of our generation its definitely this one. The most quotable, loved movie of all time.

Rant of the day

So today was awesome, I saw someone I had been missing for a while but he’s home now and I get to spend the summer with him! (YAY!) this is my first serious relationship and for this last year, it’s mainly been long distance. It was easier than I expected, but like everything else, it had it’s bad days. Just missing him too much and thinking the distance was too far. Everyone around me was supportive, except my parents. I can see that they have never been in an LDR and if you have not lived it, you won’t fully understand. They say things like “you’re not going to visit him, it’s a waste, he’ll be home soon.” Easy to say when your loved one is home everyday. Or tonight, when I was anxious to see him, they called me “psycho” and told me not to get “worked up.” Sometimes you just have to let a person act a certain way. Love makes you crazy, and if I’m a “psycho” for loving my boyfriend and wanting to see him after a year of short, spar attic visits, than I’m a fucking psycho. And I love it. End rant.

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Total Body Workout 2


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Dressed like a lumberjack and my Canadian Pride comes out #ootd

Dressed like a lumberjack and my Canadian Pride comes out #ootd